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28 January 2004page first published

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I'm back at the computer again, still going through the "morning ritual." I check the homepage again - all looks good.

Time to read my email. I've set up my email system with a set of "rules" for sorting the incoming mail - for instance, Hobby News submissions sent from the website automatically go in one folder, Yahoo Groups email goes into another (giant!) folder. The two folders I need to read now are my Editor Mail - mail sent to me using the website form - and my InBox (all the mail that didn't get sorted somewhere else).

This morning, I have 150 emails. Thirty of which are bug notices which the website automatically sends me - there's been a problem downloading the latest currency rates (which are used to give the currency conversions you see at TMP. I need to fix that, but it's not a crisis (yet).

I also have a nice thank-you from Steve Blease over at Wessex Games (he likes how the Futbowel story turned out - and I'm glad for the "exclusive" photos he sent), and another thank-you from Jon at Ground Zero Games for getting his news story in. I've had a serious backlog with news submissions for the past two weeks, but I'm almost caught up now...

The Editor's Board

Something else I try to do several times a day is check The Editor's Board at TMP - if there's a problem at the website, that's where people often bring it up. It only takes a few minutes to check the recent postings - nothing major.

While I'm there, I remember that I brought up the issue of member discounts in my last Advertisers Newsletter - there have been some interested responses, but also some questions of the best way to implement the system. I'll start a topic on that, and get some feedback from the members - I'm sure they'll have some good ideas, or can share some practical experiences.

Checking the email system, I see that my messages still aren't going out. What's the error message? "Insufficient disk space" Must be a problem on the mail server at my ISP - time to start a complaint ticket in their online problem-handling system:

Insufficient Disk Space Error on Email Send

When attempting to send email this morning using my address, I received this error:

The message could not be sent because the server rejected the sender's e-mail address. Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '452 4.4.5 Insufficient disk space; try again later', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 452, Error Number: 0x800CCC78

However, I'm not expecting a response now - it's not even dawn out in California, where the TMP server lives...

Break to Run Errands