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Exploring Mississippi Battlefields

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What Bill did not know was that I was was pretty much wore out my self. I was just trying to show off when I wanted to go find the ole river bridge. But Bumpers was pretty tasty.



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My plan was to arrive on Thursday and get a good night's sleep, so I'd be ready for the gaming on Friday morning!

My limited budget meant that I used to find the least expensive flight possible - which took me in three hops (Albany, New York, to Newark, New Jersey; then to Memphis, Tennessee; and then Jackson, Mississippi).

TMPer unknown member was there to meet me with a "TMP" sign, and we set out on the drive to Vicksburg, Mississippi (where the convention was located). However, being wargamers, we took a somewhat indirect route...

The Battle of Raymond

Raymond, Mississippi

Our first stop was Raymond, Mississippi - site of the Battle of Raymond from the Civil War. In a nutshell, the Confederate commander led a bold attack on what he thought was a feint by Union troops (in reality, he was hopelessly outnumbered); as a consequence of the battle, his forces are strategically cut off.

So here we are - just off the highway (which briefly parallels the Civil War-era road), at the creek along which the battle started. And just behind this fringe of trees is a fragment of an older highway, and an old bridge which reportedly is on the same site as the Civil War-era bridge.

Old bridge, on site of the original bridge

If you ignore the modern highway and its flanking trees, and the telephone poles, and imagine the old highway as a road of an earlier era - then the battlefield hasn't changed much. A creek, a bridge, trees along the creek, and fields...

Confederate right flank, with bridge on right

The Confederate right flank (above) and left flank (below)...

Confederate left flank, bridge to the left (behind the trees)

The Battle of Raymond was fought around this time of year, so it's tempting to wonder if the creek was about the same as we find it: steep sided, not much water.

The old highway bridge

Another view of the old highway bridge...

Creek - pretty dry here

Not much water on this side of the creek...

More water here

...and only a little more here.

There are also a few replica cannon around the battle site - unknown member prepares to man the defenses!

Larry and the cannon

On the other side of the creek, off the modern highway, we find a modern monument (erected this century) dedicated to the Texans who fought (and some died) here.

Texas monument

I can't help thinking of how I'd run this as a scenario... got to keep both sides guessing... is it a Union attack, or just a feint... are the Confederates here in force... hmmmm...