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Mighty Armies: I Hate Losing!

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian writes:

Unfortunately, Manila is a plane or boat ride away from where Julia lives in the Philippines.


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Editor Julia writes:

I hate losing, but unfortunately I did. In our second game of the new Mighty Armies campaign, the Dwarves won!

The same as with our past games, we are playing using Skype. The difference this time is that I am in the Philippines, with the terrain and all the minis, and Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian views the game via cam. I roll all the dice.

There is not much you can find here in my city when it comes to wargaming. For this game, the campaign system said I needed two new types of terrain: large, impassable rocks and an area of rough going. I bought some rubber mats to use as terrain - a sandy color for the rough going, and a purple color for the rocks. This adds to my green felt cloth for the battlefield, and blue felt which Iíve cut to use as rivers. I bought dice when I attended the Bayou Wars convention in the U.S.

Another challenge is finding space to play the game. The campaign scenarios so far take a 2í by 2í space. But my room is the size of a closet in America! Therefore, I use my bed as a table for the game. This is not really easy! I am cramped into the corner of the room and there is not much room to move.

Once again, the Dwarves lost the dieroll (even though their king has the Tactician bonus!) and were forced to set up first. Two units were placed down: the Dwarven king, and a unit of crossbows.

Then it was my turn to set up. Without planning or thinking of a strategy, I placed my troops. In the first rank are the Orc Hordes, the second rank are the Orc Archers, then the third rank are the Goblin Hordes with my Orc Warlord in-between.

The Dwarves were lucky enough to get three Dwarf Ranger units for this battle. Because they have the Scouting ability, they could be placed now. They set up a little to the side, facing the large rocks.

Set up

The Dwarves won the dieroll for the first move. The Rangers wheeled toward my advancing troops. Otherwise, the Dwarves did not move.

On my turn, I was frustrated by a bad Move dieroll. I advanced my first two ranks as a group.

First turn

On the next turn, the Rangers finished their advance so they were all lined up on my left flank. During the shooting phase, I lost an Orc Horde (despite his saving roll for being a Horde) and an Orc Archer stand.

Second turn

On my turn, I advanced the first and second ranks of my army separately. The Orc Archers fired on his Rangers, but my roll was bad (they missed).

Orcs advance

The Dwarves did not move in their turn, but kept firing. I lost another Orc Archer, but an Orc Horde made his saving roll!

I charged an Orc Horde and Orc Archer into the Dwarf King and crossbows. However, that Dwarf King is tough! (Combat strength of 6.) I lost the battle, forcing me to retreat my Orc Horde and eliminate the Orc Archers.

Game over!

That meant the Dwarves won the game. They killed more than half of my troops, without losing anything! This was our first game with a lot of shooting, and it can be deadly.

It was not a great game for me. I hate it that much. I donít feel good writing about it.

Revenge Will Be Mine!