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Other Games at Council of Five Nations 2011

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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian reports:

Here are some of the other miniatures games that I spotted while at Council of Five Nations, along with the event descriptions from the program book:

Catch the Train! (1917) * Wings of War WWI

Game Master: Dan Bostwick * 7 Players * Teen14

Wings of War focuses on the "Knights of the Air" age - World War I - portraying the abilities of the fighting planes of this period. Aircraft are represented by finely detailed plastic miniatures in 1:144 scale. Players choose and play movement cards from their aircraft's maneuver deck to decide the actions of the aircraft they control. Different planes use different decks of movement cards to represent their maneuver capabilities, and decks of "Fire" cards are used to take their combat effectiveness into account and to keep track of damage.

This game is not just a simple "furball"-style dogfight; there are scenario objectives for both sides. The scenario is called "Catch the Train!" and takes place in 1917.

Keeping the front lines supplied required the movement of men and supplies on a grand scale, and the supply trains were crucial to that effort. Allied raids routinely attempted to disrupt the German rail network, and occasionally an attack on a station would coincide with a train offloading its cargo. This scenario represents one such case, where an allied strike force arrives to destroy a German train station and discovers a munitions train still unloading cargo.

Some house rules will be used. Rules will be taught and beginners are encouraged. Beginners encouraged.

Catch the Train!

Sorry - I only got one picture of this game, and obviously missed the train!

Off to New York * Age of the Great Ocean Liners

Game Master: Pete Landry * 12 Players * Teen14

Titanic, Carpathia, Leviathan, Majestic, Imperator, Empress of Russia; captain one of these great luxury liners in a race from Southampton England to New York City to win the rewards and glory for your line. Sailing a luxury liner can't be that difficult, right? Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, it's April and the Arctic is sending its excess of icebergs south, in your path. If you don't want a ship you can have an iceberg or two and try to keep the oceans clean of the metal monstrosities. Send them to the bottom to Davy Jone's locker or melt trying! Beginners encouraged.

Off to New York

Sounded like these folks were having a lot of fun!

New York in sight!

Gun Fight in the Uzbin Valley (28mm) * Force on Force

Game Master: Michael Tracey * 4 Players * Teen14

Afgahanistan, Everyone says the French can't fight; I just hope you haven't told them. Head into the Valley of Uzbin with French Marines of the 1 er RIMa (1st Marine Regiment) and push the Taliban out. Beginners encouraged.

Gun Fight in the Uzbin Valley

TMP's own Irish Marine ran this well-attended game.

Our own Irish Marine (right)

Kansas 1863: "Ride With The Devil" * Trench Wars (Modified)

Game Master: Frank Luberti Jr * 12 Players

Confederate irregulars raid a Union outpost. 25mm skirmish game using the Trench Wars rules system modified for the American Civil War. Scenario based on the 1999 film directed by Ang Lee. Novices, children with adults, rules lawyers and GMs looking for revenge welcome. Game sponsored by the Connecticut Game Club and the New York Wargamers Association. Beginners encouraged.

Ride with the Devil

Another well-attended event.

Recon in Force: Mystery in Mountain Spring * Force On Force

Game Master: Ron DuBray * 6 Players * Teen14

The small town of Mountain Spring has gone dark. No phones, No Radio, No lights. Two nights ago the next town over reported loud noises and lights. Now the only road into town has a downed Bridge and the three State troopers that hiked into town yesterday have not been heard from. A guard black hawk was sent in to do a fly over and was last seen going down hard over the mountain without a word on the radio. Now six squads of guard troopers are going in to recon the town and report on what is going on.

Beginners encouraged.

Mystery in Mountain Spring

Sorry, I didn't find out what the "mystery" was...

Mystery in Mountain Spring

"A pretty severe peppering!" - New Brunswick NJ, June 22, 1777 * Crucible of War

Game Master: Marvin Veeder * 8 Players

As the British army withdrew from New Jersey in the summer of 1777 for "bigger designs," Howe tried to set upa warm reception for the aggresively pursuing Morgan and Wyne outside of New Brunswick. A sharp action including a street fight, a river crossing and wide open rolling hills. Win or loose, roll dice, yell and have fun! Beginners encouraged.

A pretty severe peppering!

The players were having lots of fun with this one, especially the part about the morale boost for whoever controlled the beagles!? Judging by the noise levels, this must have been the best game at the con!