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Reader jugglingfool Inactive Member has won a $25 USD gift certificate from Black Orc Games as a reward for designing the winning entry in our Simian Legion Design Contest.

We invited him to tell us something about himself...

I am 30 years old. My hobbies include juggling and war-gaming.

I began war-gaming when I saw a group of people playing 40K at a game shop. It was too expensive for me at the time, but I was told that I could play Necromunda with less figures. I found that I enjoy painting the miniatures almost as much as playing the games.

Currently I am knee deep in painting a Simian army for Hundred Kingdoms. That and I have some Orks for 40K that are beckoning to me as well.

custom Simian Army movement tray

Above is a picture of one of the movement trays that I made for my Simians. It matches the cobblestone pattern that I sculpted onto the base of my Simians; it makes it easier to move all those apes around the battlefield.