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How Scurvy Got His "Style"


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25 May 2005page first published

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Scurvy Inactive Member writes:

These two improve somewhat:


The first is some sort of Space German called a Blitzer, from Warzone. Still quite crude, but at least black lining has appeared, and the wreath on the knee looks nice. This fig was never based, as I still haven't ever got around to finishing off the rest of the squad.

The bits I liked the best were the little German shield and the right shoulder pad (that can't be seen so well from this shot). I did learn how to mix colours here, so that was a milestone as well.

Rigged to blow!

The other is another Warzone type, and is rigged to blow. First attempt at shading - and to be honest, a pretty poor one at that. Still, it lit the way for bigger and better things.

It was also unbased for years, until Burek wanted it for his Shock Force army. He then changed his mind, meaning it was based with beach sand but that wasn't stained brown with ink.

The eyeballs are screaming "I'm on the drug that killed River Phoenix!" but considering the fig, that sort of works. First attempt at eyes, there.

Also, note the ink on the face giving it shading. These days it wouldn't get on the table without a bit of a clean-up and lots of highlighting.