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Iron Dream Tournament 4

Gorgrat writes:

Iron Dream tournament?

I've read the book and I get the joke, but in this age of "everything that I find distasteful automatically sends me into convulsions -ism", I'm amazed that the very name of the convention didn't get lambasted, or at least remarked on.

Or is there some inside joke that I'm too dull to pick up on?


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22 August 2006page first published

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Sylvain writes:

Corpses began to pile up as the surviving Rednecks and Neosovs rushed into the building. The Neosovs eventually ran away, while the Rednecks - who were having a hard time against Semi-Demon-God Totzupaqatl - were killed to the last man by Bulu-Bulu, the Zookoo Warchief.

Bulu-Bulu is on fire!

The glorious hero from the radioactive jungle finally emerged victorious, thanks to an unexpected intervention: the eerie Ghost of Nature appeared to prevent the forces of Negromundheim from causing another ecological disaster.

The final confrontation

Clearly, JerBoud won that last game, but it was nonetheless SebVoinot who became the new champion of the Iron Dream Tournament. The final rankings are:

  1. SebVoinot: 103 pts
  2. Chrono Hal: 96 pts
  3. NBFGH: 72 pts
  4. Matthieu: 71 pts
  5. JerBoud: 70 pts
  6. Slereah: 36 pts

This 4th edition of the Tournament was a great success, and a lot of fun was had by all!

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Expect full coverage of the tourney on the Negromundheim website soon!

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