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What Did I Bring Home From The Convention?

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30 August 1996page first published

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Things I spent actual money for:

Paints from Musket Miniatures
These were one of my "finds" at the con, and after listening to the proprietor of Musket Miniatures explain the lengths to which he went in matching these colors to historical uniform hues, I had to invest. My immediate interest was in painting up some American Civil War figures I had, so those were the colors I picked up (Rebel Butternut, Confederate Gray, etc.).
Planes from Goblintooth
Here at the Goblintooth booth are planes (top right), flight stands (bottom right), and decals (left).
Had to have something to play Hostile Aircraft with, and nobody else at GenCon had WWI aircraft for sale. Goblintooth's planes are made in cooperation with Tactical Conflict Systems (TCS), and are said to be sturdier than the competition.
More Osprey Books
One of the wholesalers (Armory) was running a 25% off sale, so I picked up four more Men At Arms and Campaign books. My momentary areas of interest? American Civil War and American Revolutionary War.
Another Ancients Army
Black Hawk Distributors (another wholesaler) was running a half-price sale on the older Minifigs army packs, so I made a modest investment in T'ang/Border Chinese. It was an impulse buy, as I was thinking that this made a good companion for my other Oriental army, but now I realize they are in wildly different time periods...
Blue Max Miniatures Rules
I picked these up, not being sure if I'd have another chance (since the publisher, GDW, has gone out of business). Three different stalls were selling this product -- one at full price, one at half price, and another with a sticker declaring RAFM to be the new publisher.
Battles of the American Civil War
A supplement for another defunct set of miniatures rules from GDW, Volley & Bayonet. Again, prices ranged from full to half price.
Collectair WWII Aircraft
The Pacific Theatre of WWII is one of my favorite periods, so I couldn't resist picking up a "starter set" of Zeroes and Corsairs. I wanted Wildcats, but the stall sold out of them. I also wanted Devastators, but allowed myself to be persuaded not to invest in them by the stall worker (yes, I know they're suicide planes, but I love them anyway).
More 15mm Grenadier Fantasy Figures
I was building a unit of High Elf archers using Grenadier figures, so the news of their going out of business distressed me. Fortunately, I was able to pick up more High Elf Archers in a discount bin!

Things I wish I'd picked up, but didn't...

I've about given up on ever getting any review copies out of our friends across the Atlantic, so when I saw that the Pharoah's Arms booth had a copy of DBA, I was determined to buy it. Unfortunately, they sold it before I returned with money...
Mexican-American Armies From Musket Miniatures
They had a beautiful display of these 15mm figures, and this is a war which has always enthralled me (partially due to the role a few of my ancestors played in the fighting). However, making a realistic assessment of my leisure time, I've already got too much lead to paint in the near future...

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