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Koralon Hydra Diary


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An sculptor's diary
by Pete Flannery


bulking up the figure

With the wire armature bent into shape, I begin to bulk up the figure using layers of modelling putty called 'greenstuff.' This is an awkward job, as the wire tends to bend as you try to cover it with the putty. It is tempting to try and do to much at one time, but the key is to build the model up slowly.

end of the day

By the end of the day, I have coated nearly all the wire with a layer of greenstuff. I have left the arms on the upper torsos free so that they can be bent into their final shape later.

Hydra in the oven

While the putty was setting, I began to work on the base and the blades for the weapons. I rolled out some 'Milliput' (another kind of modelling putty) to use for the base. The lower part of this model will be cast in resin, so I can fix it to the base early on.

weapons bits

The weapons are cut out from sheets of hardened Milliput. This material dries very hard and is good for getting sharp weapon-like edges. I will continue to work on these weapons while waiting for different parts of the model to set.