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2 February 2007page first published

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Mal Wright Fezian writes:

Tim Sleigh was not at the hall on our arrival. His absence is always sure to get you a welcome of unhelpful answers, and not much help. However, we were shown our stall, and unloaded directly on site. I think that when Tim is absent, the CGA should make an effort to have someone present who knows what is going on, can convey that to those who need to know, and has at least an ounce of understanding regarding public relations. Chatting about private events, wargames, etc., with friends, and ignoring people who are trying to make enquiries, is in my opinion quite rude, and not an example of a responsible person helping with a national event. Issuing dire warnings of what will happen to stall holders who do not pay up front, when there is nobody to pay up front to, is rather unhelpful and somewhat insulting for those who have always paid correctly. After a long and weary trip to the event, a smile or two would do wonders.

Being somewhat exhausted, and freed of the heavy stock, we then wobbled off to the cabin we had booked at the South Canberra Motor Park for a rest. Very disappointing cabin after the one at Hay, but we were too tired to consider anything but to 'make do'. When booking, it had also been declared to be the only one available.

After a rest, we headed back to the Hall to set up our 'LKMinOZ' stall. Tim was absent again, but had apparently been there inbetween. We were rather unnecessarily given a warning about paying for our stall up front, and being banned from future events if we did not. Unnecessary because there was nobody present to pay fees to anyway, and we have never missed at other events. There was still nobody present to pay when we had set up our stall, put the covers over it, and went off for a much needed meal. A very tasty one, too, thanks to re-finding a Japanese restaurant I have enjoyed before. After that, everything got a bit fuzzy as I was extremely tired and quickly crawled into bed. I did not remember much more of that night, other than a very pickled Baldric banging on the door to get in, after the bar had closed. How he stayed awake long enough to get that sloshed I just do not know.