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Axis & Allies: Tiger Heaven BatRep


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29 January 2008page first published

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Paul Glasser writes:

Round One

Axis rolls 7 with no initiative bonus. The Allies roll 9 with a bonus of 2, and defer.

The Germans immediately advance, moving the MG squad forward, and using the speed of the troop transport to haul the anti-tank gun into position. The Tiger leaves the road intersection and advances towards the lake.

The Allies advance, and the Shermans take up position on either side of the objective.

In the assault phase, the Allied infantry advances, and the AT guns relocate to the edge of the forest. All three Shermans fire at the Tiger, but fail to score a hit. The German AT gun fires at the leading Sherman and misses. The Tiger fires at the same Sherman and scores two hits. The Sherman receives a face-down damage counter. The MG42 fires at the Vickers squad twice and destroys it. The scout car fires at the riflemen and misses.

Round One