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Editor Julia: "I Shall Return!"

Puster writes:

Sorry, no. My mistake – I just stumbled on the posting in my list and though this would
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b) another system glitch, because I could not make sense out of this on my own.

Shows that 27 years of experience with online forums and news does not help making a fool out of oneself occasionally…


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Editor Julia Inactive Member writes:

MacArthur shall return!
I Shall Return.
– General Douglas MacArthur

When I flew to the United States, I wasn't able to bring my minis with me. For many months, I haven't had the chance to take back the throne from the Dwarves of Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian, but now the time has come! I knew that I would win this game. grin (The power of a positive mind.)

In my little green room, with piles of clothes around, the battle begins. Bill is on Skype, and I make all the moves for both of us.

We both set up our armies, avoiding the rocks which the campaign system has put on our tabletop. (This way, our armies won't have to chase each other around the rocks!) I find that it's good practice to put archers in the front line of the troops, and Bill did the same.

Unfortunately, Julia and I managed to lose the pictures from this battle. However, as you shall see, pictures are not so much needed this time.
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian

Bill won the first initiative dieroll (he gets a +1 due to his Dwarf General), but chose not to move. On my turn, I moved my Orc Archers forward, together with my Orc Hordes.

On the next turn, I had enough points to move all my troops, so I advanced everyone. Bill did the same with all his troops.

On the third turn, I won the initiative. I moved all my Orc Archers forward into range of Billís Dwarven Rangers. My archers successfully shot three of the Rangers, but two made their saving rolls (special Rangers ability). One dead!

I won the initiative again on the fourth turn, so I moved first. I turned my Orc Archers 45° to face the Dwarves. I was lucky enough to kill the last Dwarf Rangers and one of the Dwarf Crossbows!

This would be the end of the game for Bill, but as I rolled the dice, he won the initiative and finally made his move. He charged one of his Dwarf Warriors units into my Orc Archers. He won, killing the entire group of Orc Archers! (He should have just killed one, but the rest of my Orc Archers were supposed to retreat. When they could not move the full distance due to my own troops blocking their way, they were destroyed.)

I couldn't let the Dwarves go any further. I didn't want to lose the game! I grouped all of my troops together, so that I could get support whether I made an attack or if Bill attacked me.

Bill made the wrong decision to charge my troops. No matter what he will do now, he can't beat me with his one unit of Dwarf Warriors! That was the end of the game for him. I won the game because I killed more than half of his Dwarves.