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Expanding Amazon Troop Types for Mighty Armies

Wyatt the Odd Fezian writes:

Nicely done!

I always like seeing miniatures that work with multiple rulesets.



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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian writes:

The major difference between first edition and second edition Mighty Armies from Rebel Minis is the inclusion of an army design system. Using this system, custom troop stats can be obtained by selecting a troop type and buying optional Abilities.

Mighty Armies 2nd edition

The stats for an Amazon army are available on the Mighty Armies website – link – and were generated using the army design system.

Amazons army list from MA website

For example, the Amazon Princess-General is a General (troop type) with Tactician (Ability), which means she has the General troop-type stats, except that her point cost is +1 due to the extra Ability.

The unit types available on the website are:

  • Amazon Princess-General
  • Queen-Mage
  • Amazon Warriors/Maidens
  • Amazon Bladedancer
  • Amazon Archers
Some of the Amazons range from Lone Gunman Games

However, the army is based on the Army of Arcana Amazons figure line from Lone Gunman Games, which means that some additional troop types could be built.

Maidens vs Non-Maidens

The Amazons boxed set mixes different figure types to make units of warriors and archers. However, you could also organize units based on the figure type.

Amazon Maiden Sword

For example, the Amazon Warriors/Maidens unit from the website is simply a standard heavy infantry troop type, and the boxed set combines the Sword Maiden and Warrior figures. According to the Amazons description on the manufacturer's website, Maidens are the "standard foot soldier," so I think the website profile would also fit Amazon Maiden Warriors (swords) units.

Amazon Warrior

The non-Maiden sword figures, however, are described as elite. One way to make them elite would be to give them the Fearless ability, which would increase their cost by 1 point.

Amazon Maiden Bow

Now let's look at the Amazon Archers. The figures used in the boxed army combine Amazon Scouts and Amazon Maiden Archers to create this unit type. If we divide this into Maiden Archers and Scouts, then I would let the Maiden Archers use the stats from the website.

Amazon Scout

For the Scouts, we can take the same stats and add the Scout ability, raising the cost by another point.

New Amazons

Amazon Maiden Spears

The figure range also includes Amazon Maiden Spears. Based on other army lists, the usual way to represent spears is to make them heavy infantry with the Disciplined ability.

Amazon Panther Riders

There are also Amazon riders and panther mounts. These look to me to be heavy cavalry troop type plus Fearless (if I was riding a panther, I think I would be fearless!).

The manufacturer's page mentions that the riders will also fit the Chaos Knights' horse spirits from the Demons range. I think those would be well represented as heavy infantry plus the Rampager ability.

Other Options

There is also a mounted Princess figure, which would give you the option to have a cavalry general riding a panther or horse spirit. However, under the standard fantasy rules, the General troop type would still have the same stats, whether on foot or mounted (though you could still pay extra for the Fearless or Rampager ability).

Princess on Griffin

You could also combine the Princess (mounted) figure with the Griffin from the Armies of Arcana monsters range. You'll still have the General troop-type stats, but you can buy the Monstrous abiliy. (Note that there are no flying rules in the basic fantasy rules.)

Alternately, make her a fighting Princess (not a general) and use the Monstrous troop-type.

The Queen and the Maiden Spear make a good match, so you could combine to get a fighting Queen – the General troop-type plus the Disciplined ability, without the Spellcaster ability.

By combining a Bladedancer figure with a panther or two, you could make a nice Beastmaster stand. That could be handled as a Monstrous element.

The Final List

One "correction" – the list from the website gives the archers extra movement (at no point cost); I've put them back to normal movement, as they don't look much lighter than the other infantry.

The Bladedancers from the website list are based on the heavy infantry troop-type, but soldiers described as "dancers" and "gladiators" sound like light infantry to me. I've included a "light" option below.

Here is an expanded Amazon army list:

Unit TypeCostMoveFight, SupportAbilities
Amazon Princess-General646,2Tactician
Amazon Princess-General on Panther646,2Fearless
Amazon Princess-General on Demon Horse646,2Rampager
Amazon Princess-General on Griffin646,2Monstrous
Amazon Princess on Griffin545,2Monstrous
Amazon Maiden Warriors334,2
Amazon Warriors434,2Fearless
Amazon Maiden Spears434,2Disciplined
Amazon Bladedancer53"4,2Magic Resistant, Mobile
Amazon Bladedancer (light)44"2,2Magic Resistant, Mobile
Amazon Beastmaster54"5,2Monstrous
Amazon Archers432,1Shooting II, Long Range
Amazon Scouts532,1Shooting II, Long Range, Scout
Amazon Riders on Panthers46"3,1Fearless
Amazon Riders on Demon Horse46"3,1Rampager

Photos of miniatures used by permission of Lone Gunman Games.