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Mighty Armies: The Battle of the Rock

Jon Lead Slayer writes:

Impressive little game. Shows you don't have to have 1000 figures per side to have a good wargame.


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Editor Julia writes:

Recently, we played the fourth game in our Mighty Armies campaign.

As usual, we played virtually. I am in my green room at home, and Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian participates via Skype. I am the one who will move all the troops and roll the dice for both of us. As I said before, there is not a lot of room – this time, I put the game in the middle of the floor, and I sat in the doorway. A friend of mine came to watch. Plus, the corner of my room has holes due to the rain causing the wood rot. As we played, we could see cockroaches coming in from outside! (I killed them all.)

The campaign system gave us a very simple battlefield: one rock in the middle. This turned out to be very challenging!

Losing the opening dieroll, I had to place my troops first. I put them on both sides of the rock – my Goblin Wolf Riders on my right, and my Orc Archers together with my Warlord on my left flank.

The Dwarf army had only six units: the king, two warrior units, two crossbow units, and a Ranger unit. He placed his army together in one corner of the battlefield, six inches from their edge.

Initial deployments

As the game began, I advanced my archers. (I did not have enough Move points to move everything.) The Dwarves advanced with all of their troops.

Battle of the Rock

On my next turn, I had a bad dieroll – I chose not to move anything. Then the Dwarves had a bad dieroll, and didn't move either!

Dwarves advance

On my next turn, I was only able to move my archers forward, turning them to face the Dwarves.

Orcs begin to turn

The Dwarves continued to advance, and in the following turn they charged my Goblin Wolf Riders!

Dwarves charge the Wolf Riders

In one combat, without mercy, all of my Wolf Riders died. (Boy, are they weak units!)

No more Wolf Riders
Now what? I still have my Orc Archers, Orc Hordes, Goblin Hordes, and Warlord left. I can still win! What I want to do is get closer to the Dwarves and attack them from the back, but they keep moving and it is hard to move all of my troops. We’re chasing each other around the rock!
Orcs advance

The Dwarves got lucky and fired at my archers around the rock. With a good dieroll, an archer unit died.

Dwarves kill Orc archer unit

I couldn't let him go without fighting! I advanced my archers and fired on the Dwarven Rangers. Dead! Now, I wanted to do same thing with the others... attack them from the back.

Orcs kill Dwarf Rangers

The Dwarves were running so fast and my archers couldn't get into position. They were hiding behind the rock. I am trying to keep my Warlord away from them.

Dwarves advance

Around the rock!

Around and around!

Dwarves reorganize

Dwarves run into the rock

Finally, I got to fire again, killing a crossbow unit!

Dwarves kill Orc archer unit

The Dwarves started to turn around.

Dwarves turn around

My archers fired on their crossbows again… dead! If I can kill one more unit, I will win the game.

Orcs kill last crossbows

Now the Dwarves charged into my Orc Archers! They killed enough to win the game.

Dwarves charge and win the game

This was our longest game yet.