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Paul Glasser writes:

In turn two, darkness still covered the battlefield and all my tanks advanced. One group of M13 tanks spotted a Crusader platoon and opened fire, which in hindsight was premature! Because of the +1 concealment bonus, only one Crusader was hit, but the shot didn't penetrate. Now, my Italian tanks had exposed their position and could be seen by the enemy, giving away a crucial advantage.

All my units except a Pz IV platoon passed the stroomtrooper skill test, advancing further into the early morning darkness. One crusader squad engaged my assault guns, scoring two hits. Only one shot penetrated and the crew was able to bail out. On the next turn, they can attempt a morale check, and if successful, remount and continue to fight!

The assault guns were able to score hits on the Crusaders, causing one crew to bail out.