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Profiles is where we feature the people and companies which make up this hobby. If you know of a company or person you'd like to see featured in Profiles, please contact Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian.

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Land of the Free

Land of the Free: Elemental Analysis

Taking a look at elements in Land of the Free. [16 October 2014]



Planning an army for Warfare in the Age of Madness, using some of the Colony-15 figures. [8 October 2014]

An interview with the most reclusive of our editors... [21 July 2014]

Can an assistant editor win another game against the old master? [10 September 2013]

Personal logo Editor Julia The Editor of TMP plays her first wargame... via webchat. [29 August 2013]

How a two-year search for an Assistant Editor finally ended. [1 August 2013]

How do you depict "shattered forest" on the tabletop? [7 April 2013]

The future of microarmor? [31 March 2013]

Finally, a game that's not so flat. [16 January 2013]

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian spies an interesting 'underground' gaming table. [9 January 2013]

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian wants to know if you can tell the difference between weaker and stronger magnets with 3mm aircraft. [19 June 2012]

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian builds a pond for his campaign. [12 June 2012]

Do you do so much file work that your fingers hurt? Maybe this tool can help... [6 June 2012]

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian learns to pay attention to all of the details when buying two-part epoxy... [24 May 2012]

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian finally starts his first Four Enemies campaign. [6 February 2012]

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian snapped some photos of games he didn't get a chance to play in at Council of Five Nations. [30 October 2011]

Americans battle through Germans and hedgerows. [23 October 2011]

Desert Rats assault a line of dreaded 88s - from the rear! [16 October 2011]

A really big Silent Death battle. [7 October 2011]

Can three Marine players emulate the task of a famous real-life Marine hero? [24 November 2010]

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian plays Ambush Alley at Council of Five Nations. [28 October 2010]

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian gets in his first game of the convention. [12 October 2010]

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian is back from Council of Five Nations. [11 October 2010]

Musings on the aesthetics of tabletop flight... [25 May 2010]

Have you faced the power of paper? [20 May 2010]

A little WWI action at Bayou Wars. [17 May 2010]

A racing-and-combat game I spotted at a convention. [12 May 2010]

reeves lk updates us on progress at this Champion Hill landmark. [23 April 2010]

Our man in Jerusalem reports on the sights of Crusader-era Jerusalem. [21 March 2010]

I spend my first day with a paper-cutting machine. [15 October 2009]

How one group of gamers, despite individual setbacks, perseveres to create a D-Day memorial. [1 October 2009]

Need to ship an army abroad from the U.S.? [26 July 2009]

Another artist requests your comments... [8 April 2009]

Mal Wright Fezian Inactive Member's commission from one of our own. [14 October 2008]

On the Kokoda Track at Council of Five Nations. [7 October 2008]

Ammunition Hill was the most fortified Jordanian position that the Israelis faced in 1967. [2 October 2008]

This campaign game, begin in 2007, marches on at Gen Con! [29 September 2008]

Almost two dozen desperate gunslingers were arrayed on the outskirts of town, armed with sixguns, rifles, scatterguns and a bloodthirsty desire to kill! [17 September 2008]

For the time being, the last in our series of articles on the gates of Old Jerusalem. [10 September 2008]

Paul Glasser almost missed out on his most-enjoyable game at Gen Con 2008. [28 August 2008]

Wargame groundcloths as seen at Bayou Wars. [14 August 2008]

A Civil War boardgame is adapted to miniature wargaming. [7 August 2008]

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian tries the naval wargame in the Axis & Allies series. [31 July 2008]

The importance and use of chemical warfare in WWI and its application to tabletop wargames. [24 July 2008]

Paul Glasser previews the upcoming expansion set for War at Sea. [22 July 2008]

Paul Glasser reports on the debut of Axis and Allies: Guadalcanal and the North African expansion. [17 July 2008]

The gates of Old Jerusalem offer a wide variety of scenario possibilities. [11 June 2008]

The first of a series of reports from sargonII Inactive Member, who is currently traveling in the Middle East. [29 May 2008]

The tramp steamer that dreams are made of! [4 May 2008]

Does anyone claim these mystery photos? [30 April 2008]

Personal logo Wyatt the Odd Supporting Member of TMP Fezian reports from OrcCon 2008. [10 March 2008]

We're trying to keep up with Fernando Enterprises - here they are in their new home! [12 February 2008]

A virtual tour of Fernando Enterprises [8 February 2008]

Here's a naval wargames article on how to paint WWI warships. [31 January 2008]

A Japanese heavy-weapons company meets a retreating Allied column in the jungles of Knife Fight. [30 January 2008]

A German assault group clashes with an Allied force in the wide-open plains of Tiger Heaven. [29 January 2008]

Paul Glasser replays the Battle of El Alamein - this time, as a British infantry officer. [24 October 2007]

Paul Glasser reports his experience in the Second Battle of El Alamein at Gen Con 2007. [21 October 2007]

Paul Glasser reports from the A&A Miniatures tournament. [11 October 2007]

Paul Glasser reports from Spring Gathering V. [9 October 2007]

Can the door to Gothic Hell be closed? [21 August 2007]

Once Gabriel received his digital camera, his destiny was clear he was to become a remote wargamer. [3 May 2007]

Mal Wright Fezian Inactive Member journeys to and from the Australian national convention - and tells us what he thinks of panicking tank hordes and flat terrain! [2 February 2007]

Personal logo Wyatt the Odd Supporting Member of TMP Fezian reports from the final California Gen Con... [17 November 2006]

MiniWargamer Inactive Member reports from last May's ReaperCon 2006. [29 August 2006]

While at ReaperCon, Mike Cannon takes a tour of Reaper's latest facility. [24 August 2006]

Yesterday, heroes from all-over-the-planet (but mainly, France) once again gathered for the much-anticipated Iron Dream Tournament 4, Ghosts of Negromundheim the greatest WarEngine tournament in the world. [18 August 2006]

Pete Mancini reports from Historicon. [20 July 2006]

The Editor heads for Vicksburg... [22 June 2006]

Our Man in Southern California, Wyatt the Odd, reports on the Gamex 2006 convention. [30 May 2006]

Our Man in Southern California once again reports on GenCon California-style... [19 November 2005]

Our Man in Southern California, Wyatt the Odd, reports on the Gamex 2005 convention. [30 May 2005]

How Scurvy Inactive Member developed his unique approach to miniatures. [24 May 2005]

The game table created for an Arc of Fire game at Cold Wars 2005. [19 May 2005]

Our Man in Southern California, Wyatt the Odd Supporting Member of TMP, takes press pass in hand and reports from the Gen Con So Cal convention. [29 November 2004]

Meet the winner of our recent contest. [24 March 2004]

The Editor keeps a log of one day of his webmastering... [28 January 2004]

Reader Michael Thompson sends in these Back of Beyond photos from the club where he games. [8 June 2003]

At long last, the Stalingrad winners have been revealed. [14 April 2003]

jugglingfool won a $25 USD gift certificate from Black Orc Games by winning our Simian Legion Design Contest. [1 February 2003]

Syr Hobbs Wargames Sponsoring Member of TMP won a Prize Poll by participating in the TMP Polls. [2 November 2002]

A gallery of pictures from Salute 2002. [29 April 2002]

The Editor takes a virtual tour of Reaper's new offices. [23 April 2002]

The Editor takes a tour of resin scenics manufacturer Wargame Ruins, and in the process gets some painting tips... [3 November 2000]

A series of articles in which i-Kore sculptor Pete Flannery shows the day-by-day development of a new model for VOID - the Koralon Hydra. [20 October 2000]

Wargame Ruins specializes in making resin scenics, such as WWII buildings and large-scale pirate ships. The Editor goes behind-the-scenes to see how resin parts are cast. [17 October 2000]

The Editor talks his way into getting a tour of Reaper Miniatures, one of the major U.S. miniature manufacturers. [6 October 2000]

Want to see how miniatures are made? The Editor enters the Lair of the Casting Troll at Simtac... [23 January 1999]

The Editor tries out this first-year gaming convention in the San Francisco Bay Area (California). [30 November 1998]

The Editor is invited to tour the factory of Simtac, a U.S. manufacturer of figures in nearly all periods, scales, and genres. [17 September 1998]

The Chipco partners show the Editor their own armies. [18 April 1998]

In the first of our Homes of the Rich and Famous Game Designers articles (!), the Editor is shown the many wonders of Chip Harrison, founder of Chipco. [18 April 1998]

The Editor meets Chip Harrison and Curtis Wright, the two gentlemen behind successful rules publisher Chipco. [18 April 1998]

Not every miniatures company is a major corporation, housed in a business park. The Editor visits Military Miniatures of Texas [no longer in business], a U.S. importer of U.K.-based Museum Miniatures figures, and finds a garage-based enterprise. [28 December 1997]

The Editor attends a convention in New England with a Seven Years War theme. [26 December 1997]

The Editor is fresh back from GenCon, one of the largest gaming conventions in North America. [26 December 1997]