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POLL: Rename the Stifle Button?

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Feet up now writes:

I would tend to agree but I like moomins alot and find them to be wonderful creatures.
Any more outbursts and I will have to inform Too-Ticky about the improper use of Moomin trolls.

Worried about stifles while forcing timid creatures to combat each other in a confined metal structure..Tut Tut..

strange how words affect people in different ways?.

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no, leave the Stifle button the way it is
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yes, the Stifle button should be renamed
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Sane Max observes...

I sometimes think one reason so many people hate the stifle button and I can assure you some do is that it has a name that gets their hackles up.

I stifle you by putting my hand over your mouth, or perhaps a pillow. No one ever wrote a newspaper headline saying 'Gadaffi Stifles dissent everyone happy'. It's one one of those words that upsets the easily upset. It might as well be called the 'Choke' button, or the 'Strangle' button.

I think the distress it causes can be reduced by renaming it something fluffy. I use Excel all day, and think it should be called the 'Filter' instead allowing us to filter out noise or on the same lines, the 'Tuning' button.

Note that I am not a fan of Stifles myself, and rarely use them but value the concept of choice.