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POLL: TMP Forums: Should All Posts Relate to Wargaming?

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Martin Rapier writes:

We do already have this structure, wargaming forums, plus boards, lounge, fez (which replaced the old Current Affairs board).

It just isn't enforced.

If UM is just CA and Fez by another name, why not bow to inevitable and just bring back CA. Then I can turn that one off instead.

Alternatively just DH and ultimately ban all participants who break the rules. (which may, at times of course, include our Dear Editor). Other moderated forums seem to manage it, so I can't see why TMP can't. Well, I can actually. So bring back CA and be done with it.

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Slappy Supporting Member of TMP proposes:

This is a wargames website. After the recent events (I don't need to go into detail), perhaps we need to institute a new idea (note I did not say rule), perhaps an agreement between all members. This "idea" is that every post written must be able to be traced to wargaming. For example, a rather hostile post of late could be expressed as Do SS combat units deserve the bonuses awarded to them in many games, and in what years would this bonus change. Now instead of a political argument, we could discuss whether it was combat prowess, morale or equipment that led to these units being awarded bonuses in many rulesets. The aim, as you can see, is instead of airily discussing the politics that surround the topic, we instead aim for a wargames-reasoned approach. Perhaps we should title the poll: "How does it affect my game." Let's discuss our related hobby, not indulge our political hobby (that is for the Blue Fez).

Perhaps the editor and his legions can enforce it, or we as fellow members can ask the question "what does this have to do with wargaming?" or even better, in the spirit of community, help the original poster by showing how they would use the information in their wargames.

Poll set up by Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian, based on this pre-poll discussion.