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POLL: Basewidths & Basing

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Personal logo miniMo Supporting Member of TMP writes:

DBA: I use standard base sizes so that I can use my armies with the armies of all the other players who have used standard bases.

Napoleonics: Not being particularly happy with any of the standard basing conventions, I've gone and rebased the bulk of my armies on my own style. If I play Napoleonic games I will either provide all the figures and set up the scenario, or someone else will. (Some odds and ends, I've based for DBN to join in BYO-DBN games.)

WW2: No one else around here does 1/87. I'm providing all the troops if I'm running a scenario anyway; so based for personal taste.

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daler240D writes:

So as a relatively recent miniatures gamer (last three years), I tend to play newer games and seem to have newer sensibilities. I enjoy reading a lot of rules though, and am fascinated by the development of the hobby and reading older rules. I am more fascinated that some people have not moved beyond certain things, and I am wondering if this is an age thing (i.e. "this is the way we have always done it and there is no need to change") or if it is actually related to a certain view about levels of simulation/abstraction (quest for "realism"). I ask mostly because whenever there is an announcement about a new set of rules or someone discussing a set that maybe someone is not familiar with, you always get the: "What are the basing requirements?" question and then people discuss if a set "is worth rebasing for" as if that is a sign of respect and quality. I cannot conceive or imagine any ruleset needing to have strict basing requirements, let alone a needed certain number of figures per base. I do also notice that almost every time this above question is asked by someone, somebody replies whatever you have is likely OK as long as your opponents are similarly based as each other. Will there ever be a time where this flexibility is just accepted as the way it is, or will there be a persistence of some that these issues are critical to the game?

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