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POLL: Voluntary Standards Body for Scale?

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Personal logo Sgt Slag Supporting Member of TMP writes:

It will never happen. The thought is nice, but reality is far different. Everyone interprets scales differently.

For example, the 1/72 scale makes perfect sense if you assume the depicted Human is 72 inches, or six feet, tall. Then the 1/72 scale figure would be 25mm/1 inch tall, not 20mm, not 22mm… TMP members cannot even agree on that simple calculation which makes perfect sense as the math is so easy to do.

Do you wish there was an organization which certified the size of manufacturer's figures?

We don't need an "organization", what we need is for every manufacturer to take photo's of their products with a ruler next to them… We can tell, at a glance, what size/scale/how tall they really are; we can see how thick the base is, and what style it is, so we will know how many millimeters above the tabletop the figures will stand at the tops of their heads/hats/etc. The solution really is just that simple.

Honestly, I vote with my wallet. I buy figures in the scales/sizes I prefer. That is why I look for photo's showing the miniatures next to a ruler -- so I can see exactly how tall they are! Don't tell what "scale", or "size", they are -- those terms are meaningless, today. Show me the ruler!

For example Dwarf figures are often as tall, or taller, than Humans. To me that is an oxymoron. I want my Dwarves to be 3-4 scale feet tall -- much shorter than my 6 scale feet tall, Human figures! Otherwise, they are just stocky Humans. I prefer my Elves 4-5 scale feet tall, as well, not the same, or bigger(!) than Humans. I'm a crusty, old-school'er, though.

Damn scale creep… Get off my lawn! Cheers!

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Do you wish there was an organization which certified the size of manufacturer's figures?

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