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POLL: Should There Be A Newbie Section on TMP?

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PulpAce Inactive Member writes:

PhilthyDirtyAnimal 12 Jul 2011 4:50 a.m. PST

Most of what I see on the forums, are comments from people demonstrating how witty they are, with no regard to the question or original comment. Most of what I see isn't even a dialogue, it is just a collection of random, often unrelated comments, probably pertaining to some in-joke that us newbies don't get.

Yeah, somebody who called like it is.
Watch, I will pick up a couple stifles for agreeing with the truth about the atmosphere here in most places.
Oh well, wacked people with funny egos and gaming goes on!

I find asking questions is simply throwing up a clay pigeon most of the time; people just have fun about how stupid your question was and/or how you were so stupid in your choice of cross-posting it to list whatever when it makes perfect sense to the originator.
Honestly, only rarely do I get positive and productive posts to my questions.
And NO, a response from some holier-than-though jerk telling me I am silly/stupid/dumb/thoughtless/"or some other nonsense label" for wanting something particular for my gaming experience is neither positive nor productive people.

So, a newbie section ran by some kind soul with a normal sized ego would be great.

Not really a newbie section per se is needed.
More like the ol' time reference section here.
Formed back when TMP was more resource and less sand box verging on gutter.
Like this for example:
TMP link

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Ranger322 Inactive Member wonders...

I'm a wargaming "newbie". While the posters on TMP have been very helpful, I think a comprehensive "newbie" section would help tremendously... something that had basic explanations of scale, brands, game types, that sort of thing, or at least links set up to sites or blogs that cover these.