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POLL: Can We Have "Realism"?

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MarescialloDiCampo writes:


Roommate's come in at all different hours; doors slamming and soldiers shuffling outside on the walkway outside are routinely encountered. A lot of soldiers have insomnia especially with the constant threat of IDF or the daily reported activities of casualties, wounded, attacks, and combat. After a 12-14 hour shift, you can encounter the zombies walking in or walking out. The same zombies frequent the other areas like showers, latrines, aid stations, and the MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) tent.

First 5 and a half hours in a UH 60 Apache helicopter (or helo) is not as bad as it seems, there's the four man crew (pilot, co-pilot, and two gunners with the machine guns pointed out at the ready) and eight passengers with all their gear stowed inside. We had a full passenger load though most were headed to other destinations along the way. The helo's always fly in twos, just in case. No fancy loading here. Get in line, put in ear protection, follow the leader and get in. We took off down Basrah's runway at about 0945 and lifted off. I got a classy window-seat in the web chairs, the seat belt hooks in the middle of your chest from left and right and over your shoulders to a quick release that you turn to release either left or right.

COS Echo, Diwaniyah province; there's a town all the way around Echo it seems. We get out of the helicopters; they have to shut down to refuel here. Leaving our bags on board, we go over to the latrines. There is a coffee and water point and a big bunker, with a "Welcome to Echo, Home of the Rifles (I think it said)?" sign under palm trees. [It was the Brave Rifles] I snapped a few photos and stayed close as some passengers leave and others stand by to depart. The call to prayer from a loudspeaker can be heard until they start the helicopters back up. I get to change my web seat and face backwards, but still at the window for this leg of the trip.

Yesterday – Haze, Mist, Haze; Today – Mist Haze Dust; Tomorrow: Haze; Day After That – Haze, Dust, and on the day after that Dust (I never knew that "Dust" is also a weather condition) Other days have included: Rain with Dust, Windy Dust, High Winds and Dust, and Sun with or without the Dust (I want to be a weatherman and I can add the weather terms for here like Cloudy with Dust, Mild with scattered dust, and Sunny with chances of dust throughout the day).

The "Wind and dust" is the worst. You cannot talk and walk, wind blows dust in your face and eyes. Everyone wears "eyepro" (that's "milspeak" or military Speak) for eye protection. Dust goggles are good. I have only seen it once here so far, but the sand/dust cloud out of the movie: "the Mummy" depicts pretty much accurately what it looks like in the sand storm here (more like a dust storm to me). The dust is so fine, gets into everything, can't build a castle with it, and in the rain, it turns into mud (I'll cover this later). When you are walking around in a windy day, everyone looks like an Arab, wrapping cloth around your mouth and nose (does anyone remember the old show 1960s the Rat Patrol with goggles and your mouth wrapped up well that's it). If you are allergic to dust then it's bad luck for you. Bring a maxi bottle of allergy meds.

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John the OFM muses...

Can we have "realism" while playing with toy soldiers?

A loaded question, I admit.

I happen to think that the most we can expect is that the results do not insult our intelligence.

I have seen rules that claim to be "realistic" &ndash let's just assume the quotation marks in the future, shall we? At least when I am typing – when all they are is long, insanely conmplex, and take far too long to play. In fact, the game turn lasts far longer than the Real Time episode they seek to, for want of a better word, simulate.

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