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POLL: Ever Tire of Neverending Projects?

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14Bore writes:

No, they will all end sometime.

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no, I avoid large projects
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no, I may get tired but I never throw it out
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Personal logo Dances With Words Supporting Member of TMP Fezian muses...

Did you ever have a game system, rules additions, figure sets, or other related projects that you ended up either spending too much time, effort, money or had to WAIT FOREVER (or so it seemed) for what you needed to play the game or finish the figures….to finally be 'finished'…

That you lost ALL interest in the game/project by the time it was finally 'done' or did you reach a point of 'no return' where you just 'gave up' and got rid of it all, rather than look at it ever again???

I know I have… I collected the TWO boxed BSG 'board' games and piles of metal BSG 'fleet-scale' minis over YEARS….and when I FINALLY got to a 'Critical Mass' where I could play a decent FLEET scenario….I'd totally lost interest…

Well, also the fact that I was going through a divorce and facing cancer surgery at the time didn't help… but I parted with the WHOLE lot, from the 'Titanian Collection' display ships to the metal minis and resin 'base-ships'… and NEVER did play the game…

In fact… I have no DESIRE to even THINK about it!

And that's not the only rules/gaming system/miniatures series I've gotten out of… (all my Starship Troopers stuff, all my HALO and Heroclix etc. items)

About the ONLY stuff I'm keeping now… is custom stuff I've made for 'Pulp' SF like WAR ROCKET and Hydra's upcoming RPG game to go with it.

EVERYTHING else, 'Star Wars', 'Star Trek' and so on… is either 'gone' or on its way out… figures, ships, rulebooks and even my whole Star Wars/Star Trek paperback and book collection… (already gone!)…

When I 'clean house', I clean house! How about you?

(Oh, I still keep some Call of Cthullu VSF-ish stuff, because of my Dr. SherlOCTOPUS character(s)… but that's TENTACLE-related!)

How about you?

Have you 'shed'… (like a snake losing it's skin)… a 'one-time cherished' game system/miniatures, etc… or MORE than one…. because MORE than one (or two) was TOO many to keep up with… for a VARIETY of reasons… (ranging from cost to storage issues, to painting to just 'tired' of it?)