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POLL: Best Scavengers Design?

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AztekTV writes:

Sowwy for the wee off-topic post, but where has the JSU-design contest moved to? It's neither on active nor past polls??? Can we still submit a Japanese school uniform?

And once again: Respect to all 4 gamesdesigners!

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Franklin's Sea
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Dragon Landscape
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Orcs! At 12 O'clock
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It's time to bring the Scavengers Design Contest - sponsored by Scale Creep Miniatures to a close. To remind you of the contest goals:

Scavengers Design Contest logo

I've always been struck by the resourcefulness and ingenuity of gamers in using ordinary items as gaming fodder. Packing material as space port, rice as figures, panty hose as camo netting and so on. So I thought, why not have a contest where these scavengers can really strut their stuff?

But we're upping the ante!

It's not enough to just make a silk purse from a sow's ear. We want a complete game made from recovered objects. By "recovered," we mean items readily available to any gamer, for free. Coffee stirrers from Starbucks. Toilet paper tubes. Paper clips. Disposable foons/sporks. Packing "peanuts." You get the idea.

But here's the catch...

Other than paint and glue, you may not use anything but "recovered" items. So, no static grass. Real grass, sure. And remember, anything you use needs to be available to anyone. So, cool-looking scrap from the product you manufacture doesn't count. Nor do incredibly unusually shaped packing trays. The test is this: could a gamer in another city easily find one for free? The bits box is Verboten!

Each entry must include the following components (though if you're inclined to send more, knock yourself out):

  • Your back story (aka "fluff"). Alternate-universe Roman Empire? Time-traveling cowboys? Poorly dressed Spaniards? Upper Class Twits In Space? Tell us about the universe you're gaming – real, imagined, deranged or otherwise. Who are the nations/races involved? Who is fighting who and why? Make sure you give your game a really snappy name, too.
  • A description of your rules. We’re looking for jacket blurbs and a general run-down of the new and innovative procedures you've come up with. 1-sided dice? Unlimited movement allowances? You know, the stuff you always see on the back covers of other rules sets. I know – telepathic combat resolution.
  • A list of the packs in your first two armies. Be sure to include scale and price!
  • Pictures of at least three of the first releases in your new "recovered" miniatures line. These should be painted/flocked/based. Aim to impress the judges (see below). But remember: 100% of the materials used must be “recovered.” And be sure to include a parts list!

And what is at stake?

First Prize:
A custom suitcase of Vallejo paints! That’s right, 72 colors of your choice! Plus the snazzy carrying case and brushes. Plus a $100 USD gift certificate to Of course, the bragging rights alone should keep you motivated, but truly a little loot never hurt, either.
Second Prize:
12 Bottles of Vallejo paint and a $50 USD gift certificate to
Third Prize:
A $25 USD gift certificate to

So now is your turn to vote - which entry best deserves to win the Scavengers Design Contest?

Franklin's Sea
Franklin's Seas

Entry from Personal logo Andrew Walters Supporting Member of TMP - an 18th Century Fantasy Game... that can be played on your refrigerator!


Entry from timlillig - big game hunting in a heavily populated asteroid belt!

Dragon Landscape
Dragon Landscape

Entry from krimso - a father-and-son team venture into a land of Dragons and Mutants!

Orcs! At 12 O'clock
Orcs! At 12 O'clock

Entry from Thomas Pope - plastic forks become the means of death in fantasy skies!