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POLL: Does Magic Belong in Weird War II?

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CorpCommander writes:

Interesting scenarios abound as two groups vie for the Fuerer's favor: the magic/occult weilding Ahnenerbe research, backed by the Gestapo (Himmler had control of this arm, plus the concentration camps and the historical/mystical research and was probably involved in the theft of the Hofburg Spear (the lance that had a nail from The Cross embedded in the head) and certainly would have been interested in the Spear of Destiny. Finally you have connections under this umbrella to the Vril Society. Add into this Allister Crowly actually has stated that he awakened and summoned Horus, God of War, which directly led to the rise of Hitler and the Thrid Reich.


Die Glocke – The Bell, AKA The Legend, AKA Nazi Super-science radiating out from zero-point energy and involving a whole series of interesting technological innovations such as lasers, flying robotic bombs, anti-gravity, spaceships, time travel and others. SS General Hans Kammler is the head of this organization out of Munich. This is the the Nazi most likely to have gotten away by traveling into the future. A superscience laboratory at Wenceslas mine in Poland, the Henge, Mittelwerk and other facilities are sources of Wunderwaffe (aka Wonder Weapons). Also consider the idea of a Moonbase Alpha like complex on the dark side of the Moon called Schwarze Sonne, established by Kammler and his corp of anti-gravity spaceships and crew.

The Myth of Naziism is so full of stuff like this. None of it even remotely true – but still from a fictional point of view quite interesting. So for a fictional WWII or even a post 1945 game you have some interesting possibilities.

Hitler's "suicide" (for fictional purposes he may have been sacrificed by Alliance soldiers in order to break the spell and return Horus to the Underworld) occured on Walpurgis Night – the Enclosure of the Fallen – the night Odin died to retrieve the knowlege of the Runes. It is the coming of Spring. So perhaps Hitler is destroyed this night or perhaps he was initiated into a dark underworld.

There is lots to play with there.

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Aurora magazine #2-2 includes unofficial rules for adding magic to Gear Krieg (Dream Pod 9's alternate-universe WWII rules).

In general, do you like the idea of having magical elements in a Weird War II/alternate-WWII setting?