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POLL: Proposed Stifle Modification

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woundedknee Inactive Member writes:

Never stiffled anyone, Cardinal? But have you ever stifled anyone, that's the question. Go on, I bet you're a wee bit tempted now :-)

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add this as an additional option
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Stifle should affect specific posts only
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don't fix it
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no opinion
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JackWhite Inactive Member muses...

On another forum. there is a red square-button-shaped icon. When clicking on it, a two-item menu appears as follows:

(In text that can be clicked on):

Rules Violation: (definition): spam, personal attack, rude, troll, offensive, etc.

(vote to hide from everyone).

(Also in clickable text):

Personal: (definition): I don't want to see this.

(hide just from me)

There is an "unhide" feature that can then allow a user to click on it to make appear. Clicking on "unhide" allows the user to remind himself why he hid it, or to assume it's been hidden for a reason and not click on it at all. If he unhides, he can then hide again.

On this other forum, the programming allows the computer to recognize certain phrases or subjects, I suppose, and will automatically hide certain texts, even if the user hasn't specifically hidden that particular post.

The monitor is notified of this, in the same way as the current stifle button works and Bill can still make the determination as the seriousness of the post.
add this as an additional option

Offer Both options. Keep the current Stifle Button; there might be a user I don't want to hear from under any circumstances, and add the new option, as well.

Stifle should affect specific posts only

It does not arbitrarily block all entries made by the user that posted the single comment you might not like.

don't fix it

It ain't broke.

no opinion

I have no opinion on this.