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darthfozzywig Supporting Member of TMP writes:

PulpAce wrote:

Not everyone in the over-40 crowd has bothered to grow up either dfw.


Or are you a silver-spooned child of Southern California Edison or some other such utility?

Gee dfw, you are just so brilliant; let me put on my shades so I can endure it. {gag, gag, gag} UGH!

We certainly agree on one thing: some folks never reach maturity. :)

Happy gaming!

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Kraussian Inactive Member wonders...

Do you prefer PDF (electronic) to paper rulebooks?

If I were living in the US or UK, I would most probably say "no."

I like the feel of a good hefty book in my hands, and I usually print out the PDFs anyway because I much prefer reading on paper than on a computer screen.

But I happen to have the misfortune of living halfway around the world in wargaming-forsaken Asia, and the shipping fees for books very often come up to something like a third of the price of the actual book itself.

For example, let's take my favorite rules for the Napoleonic Wars, Lasalle.

The book costs $42.99 USD, but the shipping cost me an additional $22.00 USD. So the final cost of the book for me was $64.99 USD!

Now let's take a look at the price of the PDF version: a mere $16.00 USD!

Even if I take the PDF to a local printer to have it printed and bound to a rather high standard, the final cost of ownership will still be less than half of what I had to pay for the physical book.

This, at least for me, is the biggest reason why I prefer to buy PDF versions whenever possible.