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POLL: Bring Back the Dead Minis & Rules?

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Mako11 Inactive Member writes:

Ah, thought of another MUST HAVE, e.g. Goblintooth's 15mm Thunderball range of scuba divers with weapons, and minisubs.

Wonder who has the molds, and/or masters for those, and if we can get them sold to someone else, and/or resurrected by the original proprietor?

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Mako11 Inactive Member muses...

Was thinking about this recently, and wanted to see if there is interest, and a way forward to get people, and/or companies to bring back the dead?

No, not people, but old, out of print rules sets, minis, terrain, etc.

Seems to me there are far too many excellent items that are no longer available, and I suspect many people would like to see produced again.

Some examples I can cite are the:
  • Tiger Terrain's 15mm Age of Sail ships, for pirate battles, as well as their superb terrain
  • DLD's 15mm and 25mm sci-fi vehicles
  • Metal Magic's 28mm sci-fi troops (some are available now through EM-4, but the range is very limited, and the Sarday'kin aren't even in production yet)
Obviously, there are a huge list of other excellent minis and rules sets that should be resurrected, so feel free to list your wants below. Who knows, perhaps someone will read this and decide to bring them back.

Ideally, I'd like to see a board with a Wants List, that we could add to, and that would show how many people had voted for specific items, or ranges to be produced again, so that someone might be inspired to put them back into production.

Possible options for license holders, manufacturers, owners include: putting them back into production on their own, licensing them or working through third parties to have them produced, or selling them to others, so that a new owner can put them into production.

One recent success story for this are the old Dixon resin pirate vessels. They aren't available yet, but should be soon, through Ainsty.

So, vote...