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POLL: Are TMPers Too Prone to Call Out 'Blue Fez'?

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woundedknee writes:

Don't know what Blue Fez is and don't really care: I'm not here for the politics, like Angelbarracks said.

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Personal logo John the OFM Supporting Member of TMP wonders...

I think so.

I think some TMP members are so afraid of controversy that they are willing to shut down any discussion that touches in the slightest on politics and current affairs.

I also blame any, on any side, who take the slightest opening to shove their political views forward.

Look at the topics on reenactors and how it impacts their run for office.

I see no problem with commenting on how easily the electorate is swayed by such, particularly in an "October Surprise." I also have no problem with immediate five-day DH of any who names names and ridicules a politician who they do not like. Even ten days.

Banning discussion solves nothing. Punishing those who get out of line is more likely to. Heck, we are wargamers. We should be used to being punished for making the wrong decisions and choices.

I still think that dropping CA was a big mistake. It reduced us all (some) to quivering nannies.

I prefer free discussion, but hard jail time for those who abuse the privilege.

Such abuse to be solely at the discretion of The Editor. None of this Poll nonsense in setting standards. Man up, Bill, and gas up the Black Marias and Paddy wagons!