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POLL: Should TMP Talk Be Relocated to the Lounge?

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deephorse writes:

For discussion of community issues involving the website, including requests for new Message Boards

So are non-supporting members to be thought of as not part of the community? We contribute as much, if not more, than supporting members, and yet consideration is being given to excluding us from talkng about the community we are supposedly part of? Remember how ‘dead' this place became for a couple of weeks when non-supporting members couldn't post for fear of trolling attacks? That's how much we contribute to making TMP worth visiting.

I have also received advice that these discussions should not involve the entire membership, but a quorum or subset of the membership.

Exactly how many members have given you this advice, and what proportion of the membership is that? And why would they want that, so that they can wall themselves off from a different point of view and only hear like minded souls? That's not a recipe for a healthy forum.

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TMP Talk, as you probably already know, is the board where the internal operations of TMP are discussed. This often involves important issues of how the forum should be moderated.

I get complaints from time to time from people who "don't want to see this type of thing" on TMP. (Admittedly, they could unsub from the board.)

I have also received advice that these discussions should not involve the entire membership, but a quorum or subset of the membership.

There is one option which would be relatively simple to implement: relocate the TMP Talk board to The Lounge forum (for Supporting Members only).

Let me run over some of the pros and cons (feel free to add more yourselves):


  • Reduces discussion of TMP internal processes to a select quorum of the membership.
  • Reduces the likelihood of trolls and sock puppets interfering with these discussions.
  • Removes a point of irritation for some of our members, as Basic Members will no longer be able to view the discussions.
  • Adds a new and useful function to The Lounge.


    TMP is operated.
  • Might still be a point of irritation for Supporting Members who do not know how to unsub from a board.
  • Announcements to the general membership would need to be made in a different manner, probably using the existing Editorials space (which does not allow for feedback) or by direct PMs or emails.
  • Basic Members would still be able to complain directly to a moderator, but would have no place on the forums for bringing TMP website issues for discussion.

ALSO: TMP Talk discussions are often resolved by use of the TMP polls. If TMP Talk is relocated to The Lounge, then logically, there should also be a new type of poll: Supporting Members only.

Your input?

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