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POLL: Nuke Topic Button Proposal

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John Treadaway writes:

Who cares? I have a few people on my stiffle list and – if they post something I tend not to read it. If there's a post I find so offensive I just add them to my stifle list. It's a short list so I obviously don't care that much…

Freedom of speech should generally prevail unless there is a massive reason not to, I figure.

John T

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Chortle Fezian writes...

Some people don't like to see controversial topics on the board. We can see from the recent melt-down that just ignoring these topics doesn't work. My suggestion makes flame wars self-sealing.

I would like Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian to place a "nuke" button on each topic, which would appear for Supporting Members only. This is to to avoid drive-bys and to support the board financially. If you press the Nuke button, the topic is stifled for you. It no longer appears when you browse the forum.

For each Supporting Member who nukes a topic, that topic's nuke counter increments. Every member will have a "nuclear threshold." If this threshold is set to zero, everything on TMP is as before. For any other value, the topic is stifled for the user once the nuclear counter reaches their nuclear threshold.

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian or moderators could link topics. Linked topics would have the nuke counter of the highest topic linked. If you want to start a post discussing a controversial post, it would be linked to that post. People who want to ignore the original post would then be able to ignore a proliferation of posts about it.

Example: MinisDelite is quite sensitive and sets his nuclear threshold at 2. Chortle posts a topic about horse riding wargamers which Gungir and Cpt Arexu find offensive and nuke. The nuclear counter of the topic posted by Chortle is now 2. So the topic no longer appears to MinisDelite when he browses the boards. If MinisDelite is bored, he can go to the 'naughty topics' forum and find all the nuked topics there.

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian could stop controversial topics being forwarded to Google and other search engines. Some topics have been embarrassing in the past.

This could be fun. Users who have commented on a topic, but subsequently nuked it, could have a mushroom cloud icon next to their name. So you know that they won't be bothering to read your comments (in response to their stirring the pot.) I think many users would prefer to nuke a topic, and then move on, rather than joining a flame war. For hard-core flamers, we could have a board which is ordered by the most nuked topics.