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POLL: Do Low HMGS Con Prices Hurt the Hobby?

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Jon Perry writes:

Joel said "many of the post have supported Mike's statement to some degree by simply noting that HGMS-east shows are nothing more than $10.00 shows"

Wrong. These posts have been saying that Historicon is the BEST of the $10 shows. The best of all the shows. Nobody equates a $10 Historicon with a $10 "300 attendees" convention. Nothing that has been posted at all supports the rediculous (original) assertion Historicon isn't taken seriously.

Joel then goes on to speak of better venues, with better this and that and the other. That's all great, and all of those things are perfectly legitamate reasons for raising the cost of admission. You charge to cover your costs. If your costs go up, you charge more. Everyone can understand that. But that has nothing to do with the original poll posting.

Joel mentions Origins and Gencon as possible models to follow from a price/value standpoint. I'd like to point out some hugely important differences. First, Origins and Gencon are money makers. They are there to make a profit and the organizers keep that profit. HMGS is a non-profit organization, and so follows (or should follow) a totally different model. Second - those two cons offer something that Historicon (or any HMGS con) is simply not capable of providing. That is, a con where ANY gamer can go and find something to do. They have card games, role playing games, board games, miniatures, live action, art shows, costumes, a freaking huge dealer area, sculpting, et cetera.....

Historicon is only about a couple of those things, that is miniatures and a huge dealer area. People travel across the county to go to Historicon because it has the most miniatures and dealers of anyplace in the country. People go to Origins and Gencon because they are the biggest for everything else. Someone like myself (who plays more than just miniatures) can go and always find something to do 24/7. I go to Gencon because there is nothing else like it.

Now let me address what I think is the crux of what Joel is driving at......I pay a lot of money to go to Gencon. I *would* pay a lot of money to go to Historicon. Historicon is *already at* that point where they could charge a lot more money and still get almost as big an attendence as they do now.

But that doesn't mean they *should*.

Chris Van F - how does this "add value" to the con? The only way I can see that recoginizing these GMs (more than they already are) could add value is if you believe that the current GMs aren't bringing their "A-games" with them to Historicon. You'd have a tough time convincing most gamers that the GMs are slacking off when they bring their games to the "big show".

The suggestions on having articles written up on the vendors is an excellent one. It would be great to see huge articles written (by anyone, really) on the "new products" or "new vendors" or whatever. This has nothing to do with increasing the entry fee, of course, but it is a really good idea. There should always be a large amount of "after action" articles written about all aspects of the con, and every other con. They help to tell people what they missed, and generate excitement for next year.

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Writing in MWAN 131, Michael S. Cosentino explains:

HMGS-East has done its share to help promote this cheap nature of our hobby, by charging a measly $10 USD for admission to a 4-day show. It helps promote cheap things. At these rates, why even charge admission.

Michael says that the low rate gives the impression that the convention is "worth nothing." Further, it promotes the idea that everything in the hobby should be cheap:

I have also heard people say, "why should I pay that price for a building when I only paid $10 USD to game all weekend?"

Do you agree with Michael - that by setting low convention prices, the HMGS conventions will "never be taken seriously"?