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Jovian1 Inactive Member writes:

The problem as I see it is that they are already doing it. As an example: I pay for "unlimited" usage on my phone for data services. If I want to use it as a "mobile hot spot" and allow others to connect, they charge MORE for that usage. Further, if I use too much bandwidth, my connection slows down, dramatically, towards the end of the month. I have a dedicated wifi hotspot at home because I can't get cable or a cable modem out here in the middle of Montana. The data lines run down the highway right across the field, but I cannot tap into those data lines, because "service is not available" in my location, but it WILL be available "soon" if you believe the talk. My only option for somewhat speedy connection is through the wifi hotspot from Verizon. I don't want to knock Verizon, but when I've downloaded several songs from iTunes, watched a little HULU, and surfed TMP for a few hours, my connection to download a largeish set of rules slows to 56kbps or slower. When I do an update on software on my iPad, I plug it into my computer, click update and the 600Mb file takes 12 hours to down load. So I do it later in the evening, so it is available sometime the next morning for use. I don't know how the "net neutrality" will impact my situation, but I do want to know how someone is going to monitor the private sector so you know you are getting what you pay for in your service.

If you pay for "unlimited" usage, and the companies artificially slow down your connection to the speed of a dial-up modem, it isn't "unlimited" usage is it? I guess that is where I am coming from on this issue – I want to make sure that when I pay $80 USD a month for Unlimited Usage service, that I get the service I pay for without artificial limitations on my usage by the company slowing down my connection.

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vojvoda Inactive Member asks...

Just was watching CNN and the new bill in Congress will allow internet service providers to charge for levels of access. Question: Is this the end of internet access? We all pay from our homes now for access. Will we have to pay for, say, "free TMP"? If search engines and websites start to charge for more access, will you still be online?

Me? If more then access and support to websites I enjoy (TMP, for example) becomes the norm, I will not be able to swing it.