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POLL: Create a 1776 Board?

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Psyckosama writes:

No. But I'd support an American Revolutionary War board.

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John the OFM proposes:

It was the second rules set I ever bought. It got me started in gaming the American Revolution.

It was also a very well-thought-out book, containing a good set of rules, very clear diagrams of play, a painting and uniform guide, lots of inspirational period etchings and several excellent scenarios.

I have never seen an older rulebook that had all these features. Many current games can trace this approach to 1776, thought they may not know it.

1776 was ahead of its time, and gave a lot of good games. It helped me to keep Hinchliffe Models in business.

If a 1776 board was created, would you support it? There must be at least 50 supporters in order for the new board to be created.

Note that this is a request for a board dedicated to the 1776 miniatures rules, not the Avalon Hill boardgame of the same name.