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POLL: Would the 'Wrong Rifle' on a Figure Deter You from Using It?

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Old Contemptibles Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Not talking about what's allowed in a game. We are talking about what deters you from using a figure. We have all been in games were the scenario calls for a type of figure(s) nobody has and you don't want to wait to buy and paint up some.

So you make a reasonable substitute, no harm, no foul. But if you are buying figures that are advertised as certain type and you get something not quite what it is advertised as. Is that okay? I say no, I am sending it back.

You know, this is another poll which is poorly worded. What do you mean by would that deter you from using it? It would deter me from purchasing the figure in the first place. But if I already have some and don't want to wait, then I would use it. But it would also depend on how far off the figure is.

Geez, I wish someone would to word their polls more precisely!

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Yes, the total figure must be 100% accurate.
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needs more boobies
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I can wait until Perry makes a box of plastics.
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Naaah, 'close enough' is good enough.
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John the OFM wonders...

Let's suppose that the Foundry War of the Valgorian Succession Phumpha Jaegers zu Fusse had the right uniform (more or less) to use for the Ruritanian Princess Sophie's Schuzen, but the rifle was "completely wrong!"

Would that deter you from using it, even if there were absolutely no figures around with the proper uniform?