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POLL: Rationalize the Great War Boards?

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EdHaley Inactive Member writes:

I voted leave as is simply because I learned/studied as one way and that's how I relate to it. Technically this would probably be clasified as WW3, with the FIW/7YW as the first, Napoleonic Wars as second and so on. I once saw in an old Civil War Times magazine that showed something like 120 names just for the American Civil War. So go with whatever name suits your style or fancy, they're not easy to confuse with one another.

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Personal logo John the OFM Supporting Member of TMP wonders...

It's easy to find a Great War board (I am boycotting the phrase "World War One" - it is just too depressing to think of a Tommy at the Somme knowing that this is just #1 that he is fighting) if you go to World War One Boards.

Not so easy if you are crossposting. You have to know that aeroplanes are listed under Biplanes. (That includes triplanes and monoplanes, by the way.)

How many would like to see them all with either "Great War", or even (shudder) WWI as a prefix to the title? What do you think?