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POLL: Bragging About Buying It Somewhere Else While In Your LGS

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warlordgarou Inactive Member writes:

I have admitted that I have bought game X or figure Y from elsewhere than the FLGS, while within earshot of the owner, when the FLGS does not stock the item in question. And yes, if questioned, I will admit that my first purchases for almost every system will be at the highest discount I can find, so as to minimize the loss if the system turns out to be a stinker. (Subsequent purchases tend to be at the FLGS, when possible – but mainly because I can be an impulse buyer when it comes to new shinies.)

On the other hand, I generally try to buy something, even if it is just paint, from my FLGS every time I stop in to play. The War Store and MiniatureMarket might be great people, but they don't provide me with play space. My FLGS does.

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No, I'm here to play and talk about gaming and modelling
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Admiral Yi Sun Sin is my Homie Inactive Member muses...

Whenever I'm at my Local Game Store (LGS), I seem to hear someone proclaim, usually in an excited or loud voice, especially when looking at models during a game, that "I got X cheaper at Y!" Y not being the LGS everyone is in at the time. Sometimes it's an alternate product that the LGS can't stock, and is also cheaper. Remember, this is being done in the close proximity or in the face of the LGS staff. I've seen someone walk up and express an alternate cheaper solution while the LGS owner was talking to a potential new customer. This has happened in multiple stores, one I frequent often, and two I don't frequent much but I still hear it there and from different people.

When you're in a LGS, do you tell other people about buying product from another retailer or alternate options the LGS can't/won't stock, when LGS staff are nearby?

To clarify, this isn't focused on a genre and size the LGS doesn't stock at all, like, say, sci-fi 15mm. This is about the LGS stocking something and a "customer" pointing out to other customers that there are other places to buy it cheaper, or there are cheaper options, while the LGS staff/owner is standing within earshot.

Note: I'm not a game store owner or staff. I'm really just curious having overheard the same thing in multiple stores by different "customers."