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POLL: Lead Question: Would You Game with Lead Figures Today?

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unknown member writes:

I don't do GW. But I have gamed with resin WWII vehicles.

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unknown member muses...

GW is touting their new resin miniatures line. Most companies are using pewter, or other metallic alloys, nearly all of which are lead-free. Lead was used successfully for childrens' toys for centuries, with no real documented ill effects. The lead scare of the 90s has come and gone, without any real scientific proof it was a threat (lead-based paints are chemically different than solid, metallic lead, and they do post serious health risks, but only if ingested...).

Would you game with pure lead figures, assuming they have equal detail levels as resin, pewter, or plastic?

Personally, I would, and I do, game with lead miniatures. I game with miniatures made of lead, pewter, tin, plastic (hard, soft, and vinyl), as well as resin - I even game with paper flats for monsters I can't afford to buy 3D copies of... Material makes little difference to me, but metal figures do have more heft, and I prefer that as they seem to not fall over as easily when someone bumps the table.