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POLL: Newsletters: Email vs Print

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Tom Bryant writes:

I'm with his Lordship on this one. Printed newsletters are a good thing, particularly if they are more than 20 pages or so. I can understand it for the "monthly update of what's happening" kind of newsletters. However, for the mini magazines that most wargaming newsletters appear to be (I'm speaking about the HMGS and related groups) I'd prefer a print edition thanks.

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Admiral Yi Sun Sin is my Homie Inactive Member observes...

I work with a number of charity non-profits, and I've noticed over the last few years they've all moved to electronic format of one kind or another. Most simply send out their newsletter as an email, and some send via email with a PDF attachment.

Every one of those organizations I volunteer for (not HMGS or miniatures-related, I might add) reported an increase in reader comprehension and various attendance, etc., to some degree. None of the results gathered scientifically, but there were attempts to at least recognize if there was a change or not. All send out newsletters much more frequently now, as well.

Miniature wargaming is a very visual medium, and I have to admit I do prefer hardcopy color pictures over anything electronic regarding my hobby. However, I do get most of my hobby news online now, even though I still buy a color wargames magazine every month.

Do you prefer electronic or printed newsletters from your hobby club/organization?