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POLL: Should 'No Opinion' Votes Be Taken Into Account?

369 votes were cast.

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TheBeast Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Voice of sanity!

As long as there's a NOP button that still allows me the possibility of loot! ;->=


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'no opinion' should count as 'no'
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'no opinion' should be ignored
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no opinion
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Personal logo John the OFM Supporting Member of TMP muses...

If TMP policy is to be decided by polls, should a vote that establishes such policy require a 50+% majority to implement it?


"Should TMPers with too many capital letters in their screen name be DHed on Mondays and Wednesdays?"

OK. This is not TMP policy, as of this moment.

Here are the made-up results:

YES: 39%
NO: 21%
Needs More Boobies: 24%
Who is BME? 10%
Zardoz 6%

YES got the plurality of the votes, but did not get a majority. Should the "silly" answers be taken into account, or should a plurality win? I think the "no opinion" type votes should count, and a mere plurality of the vote should not be sufficient to change policy. "No Opinion" is a vote. It is not as if someone did not bother to vote. To my mind, it is a vote that is not in support of the premise of the poll, and should be equally as valid as a NO or YES.

In the case of "would you support a Board for Mah Jong?", Dear Editor is not asking if it should be established. He is asking if a minimum number of voters would support it.

Not the same thing. Dear Editor has already established by divine right, imperial sovereignty and eminent domain, the TMP policy of giving games with the support he feels appropriate. This is his right. He is asking if that game has the minimum level of support to be viable.

I am referring to the ban on "Free Pompousblowhard" topics. It's a change in TMP policy, which only received a plurality of the vote.

Don't worry. I'm OK. grin I was scared straight.