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POLL: Allow Politics on TMP Forums?

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28mm Fanatik writes:

The UM board proves that politics is already de facto allowed on TMP, but it still shouldn't be permitted officially since this would "invite" partisan politics and personal attacks. Bad behavior and politics often go hand-in-hand, unfortunately.

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Winston Smith says:

If I ran TMP I would not punish "politics". I would punish bad behavior.

As the OFM and I have admitted many times, I am a raving right wing nutjob. I is what I is.

Yet I have many good friends who are polar opposites of me. Do we get along? Of course we do because we do not let that insignificant factor get in the way of gaming, drinking beer, and telling dirty jokes. And farting. That's what life is about, hainna? The key is that we can insult Hillary or Reagan (the greatest man of the last 50 years) and it does not affect our friendship. What would affect it would be bad behavior.

So I suggest to my good internet friend who I will probably never meet in person kyoteblue that he abandon his crusade against "politics" and instead crusade for punishment of bad behavior.

Throw open the gates, and if you insult people, go to jail. Do not collect $200 USD.

In the present climate, I cannot call into question the accuracy of FOX News. Yet MSNBC or the New York Times is a valid target. That is crazy.

Let people say what they want to say but if they act like Bleeped text (rectums or cloacae) throw them in the hoosegow.

Yea or nay?

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