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POLL: Combine Wargaming Business Boards?

429 votes were cast.

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TheBeast writes:

I'll have to go along with Flashman14, and not just because I'm a retailer. ;->=

However, given that companies who run their own web stores blur the distinction, I wavered a bit before voting 'no'.

The dying breed of brick-and-mortar might be a better separate group, but who wants to read the obits?


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Goldwyrm proposes...

In accordance with the FAQ, I am presenting this as a suggestion for combination and reduction of number of boards.

Here are the present descriptions of four related industry boards:

The Industry For discussion of anything related to tabletop wargaming businesses. Around 54.8K hits since 2005
Manufacturing For discussion of anything related to the business of creating figures and models. Around 33K Hits since 2005
Hobby Distribution For discussion of anything related to hobby distributors. Around 16.5K hits since 2005
Retailers For discussion of game stores and retail operations. Around 38K hits since 2005.

While the guiding principle of the FAQ is "less than 10 posts a month" to be considered for removal may not be applicable here, the topics are so related that they are collectively "The Industry," in my opinion. Also, the total hits on these four boards would be less than several more popular boards, averaging together 28.5K hits over five years versus these sample benchmarks within General Message Boards:

Wargaming in General 86K average hits over 8 years
Consumer Affairs 44K average hits over 9 years
Conventions 42.8K average hits over 8 years

Based on the above, I would discard bandwidth as a compelling reason to retain four separate boards for The Industry. The argument could be made that extra boards may be diluting participation.

The poll answers for combining Manufacturing, Distributor, Retailer and Industry boards into one Industry Board would be yes, no, or no opinion.

For the TMP community's consideration.