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POLL: Last Painter Standing 2 - The Final Round

326 votes were cast.

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jimfanjoy writes:

I want to start by saying this is a great exercise! So much talent and enthusiasm… well done, to all involved.

Something that I haven't seen mentioned yet is mech selection. I understand that each contestant was sent several (randomly?) selected mechs; this is a great strength of the contest, not only because it give us (the viewers) a wide and interesting variety of stuff to look at, but also it allows the painters an additional opportunity to strategize with their effort. In the nose art round, for example, painters wanted to use mechs that had large, flat spaces available for the noseart. In this round, it seems to be critically important because Dazzle lends itself to creating a mishmashed, hard-to-gauge form and outline. I agree with previous posts that the painting is superb on both, but it might be worth also considering stuff like actual mech design, as well as modeling and reposing, when deciding upon a victor.

I've been following this since the beginning, but not chimed in until now largely due to the unfortunate coincidence in my name. Honestly, it has no relationship to how i vote. ;)

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Adrian Gideon
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At the end of each round of the Last Painter Standing 2 contest, we have voted out one contestant from the competition. Now it is the final round.

The theme for this round has been:


Think WWI airplanes and warships. The dazzle scheme is intended to break up the lines, make it unclear if the 'mech is coming or going (this could include painting a face on the back, etc.) and other things. It's not to stop being seen, but to make it harder to be hit (hey, it's Battletech, targeting technology isn't much better than the Mk1 eyeball). For more information

Who do you feel should be the last contestant removed from Last Painter Standing?

(Note that you are voting against someone - you are voting for someone to leave the contest. The person remaining will win the contest.)

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Adrian Gideon