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POLL: Have You Found BUM Brittle?

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Personal logo Lluis of Minairons Sponsoring Member of TMP writes:

I've voted "yes", although it should be clarified.

As Richard Baber has already pointed before, B.U.M. have released fine sets in regular plastics, such as their first Spanish Civil War products.

Later they "discovered the garlic soup" (=a Catalan expression meaning they did a stupid change). At some point, they started using a detestable stuff of undefinite nature, quite cheaper than the plastic they'd used so far. This way, their whole series of War of Spanish Succession, Spanish-American War and part of their SCW ranges are produced in that detestable sort of stuff.

It's not even a resin for it's quite soft, unlike resins. If you break one of such figures into two and smell any of the resulting parts, you'll find that it smells just like… white glue, or a desktop eraser. It's to you wondering about what it is made of.

They have also changed sculptors several times. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't be that of a problem --for many other manufacturers do keep a "pool" of artists, and I find it wise-- if they had shown at least the common sense to assign each series to one single sculptor, in place of mixing and/or interrupting commissions at their will, with no understandable criteria.

Contrary to Grand Duke Natokina, I must say that most of the sculptors used by B.U.M. are quite good professionals. Such is the case of the guy behind their first SCW releases, for instance. The girl who sculpted the Asaltos and Civil Guard is a true artist, who managed to represent these men in realistic, natural poses --don't mind what does Plastic Soldier Review say about them; to me, PSR is plainly missing the shot at this point. That very same sculptor is behind B.U.M.'s Spanish-American War figures.

The problem here is that a sculptor working for B.U.M. won't enjoy any clear style pattern from them --for I bet they don't bother. B.U.M. sales policy has no defined target, no quality standards; they are not producing for wargamers, or modelists, or kids. They're simply producing toy soldiers for whoever dares purchasing them --they just want to sell for money.

I feel it a pity that so many otherwise talented professionals have fallen into the orbit of B.U.M.

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Personal logo 20thmaine Supporting Member of TMP muses...

In this discussion, it has been suggested that plastic used by Barcelona Universal Models (BUM) is very brittle. I've actually never bought any of their stuff (yet), but am considering it (the FWI range looks very good, IMO). So what do others think? Are BUM brittle?