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POLL: Should TMP Use the Barrett Scale?

298 votes were cast.

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Neotacha writes:

Interesting most of the comments seem negative, but the votes are running the other direction…

That's because some of the yes-voters didn't feel compelled to comment. Many folks who don't care one way or the other won't vote. Many who aren't interested in the Barrett Scale won't bother to vote. The ones who were interested enough to vote, but don't like that particular concept, are the ones more likely to make a comment.

Me, I said no. Measuring a figure to an arbitrary point, without accounting for the stance of the figure, is less than useless to me. Since I do mainly fantasy, I don't care if the figures are all out of whack with one another; there are enough different fantasy races to account for the differences both in height and heft. Just in my wing of the school where I work I've seen enough differences in the sizes of young men and women that I don't care for everything being all standardized and boring anyway. YMMV.

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14th Brooklyn wonders...

Today sees the close of a poll where I asked if we need a common miniatures scale (size). This was not talking about forcing manufacturers to sculpt in a given scale (size), but to have a common standard by which to measure their minis when they post or advertise on TMP.

So far, one manufacturer has measured from point A to point B on a mini, while another has measured from point C to point D. Therefore while both advertised their minis being (let's say) 28mm, one might have been substancially larger then the other.

So what do you say... from where to where should a mini be measured?

My suggestion is to bring back the old Barrett Scale. Measuring from the soles (thus eliminating the tab or integral base from the total) to the eyes (thus making sure that headgear would not blow you off when measuring to the top of the head).

The Barrett scale also takes into account how wide/thick/broad (/chuncky) a mini is. so the addition of "slim," "normal" or "heroic/large" would be nice, too. Makes sense, since height is not the only thing making minis incompatible with each other.


Should TMP adopt the Barrett Scale as its official standard of measurement?