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BBurger writes:

People who sign up for two games in one con slot then fail to take their name off the 2nd game's sign up sheet are subhumans who should be soundly thrashed.

Or perhaps that's just the beer talking. Or the experience of having turned walkup players away from a game I've run because the signup sheet was full, only to have several of the subhumans on the signup sheet not show for the actual game. One of those.

These days the (few) convention games I run seem to be fully subscribed just from online promotion before the game. I am a lucky GM.

That said, when I game at cons, I go for gaming systems I haven't played before, genres or eras I haven't played, and I make a point of trying NOT to game with the friends I came to the con with. I can play with them at home, why go all the way to another city to game with them some more?

(oh, and my brother and I have a firm rule to never be on the same side in a multi-sided convention game. It's more fun that way.)

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Personal logo Toy Soldier Green Supporting Member of TMP wonders...

Do you ever find yourself wanting to play more games at a con than what you have time for? Or maybe game X is going on the same time as game Y, and you want to play both? For example, I have set a goal to play Force on Force, Ambush Z and Reaper's Warlord, but there are some other games that look very interesting: GASLIGHT, 5K Civil War, etc. There are some games I want to play and learn going on at the same time as others of interest.

So if you have more than one game to check out, what do you do?