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POLL: Purchasing Decision Scenario

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Personal logo javelin98 Supporting Member of TMP writes:

If a product comes from a large corporate producer -- Hasbro, GW, even Mongoose -- I'll get it from Amazon or someplace similar.

If it's a product made by someone I "know" and respect from interaction on these boards, such as Khurasan, Rebel Minis, GZG, I'll pay the extra to support the "cottage" businesses. I'm sure the loss of income to Amazon, et. al., is felt far more sharply by the smaller producers than the giants.

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Personal logo Flashman14 Supporting Member of TMP wonders...

Here's the assumptions:
  1. Object X is something you will buy.
  2. In this scenario, there are only two vendors to choose from.
  3. Vendor 1 is Amazon. Object X is 30% off the list price. Its cost qualifies for free shipping. It is labeled in-stock. It will ship normally from whatever Amazon warehouse would normally fulfill it. Amazon has its real-life reputation whatever that means to you.
  4. Vendor 2 is a vendor for who you've never done business with, but they are the manufacturer or sole distributor of Object X. Object X is at full price, and added to that is a shipping cost that seems fair to cover the cost. The reputation of Vendor 2 is unknown, but you have no reason to think it's bad in any way. There is no mention of how long orders will take to be processed or shipped. Vendor 2 sells nothing else but Object X.
From which vendor do you order from?

There's no trick to this or anything hidden in the wording or anything like that I just want to see where the distribution naturally falls.