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Personal logo Dasher Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Yar, sure, why not?
(I don't care either way, but I had to post to use that response…)

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Warbeads writes...

Okay, hold the brickbats until I finish, please.

Taking a page from LAF (a completely different forum, I know), I realized that while Old West and 18th Century covered the Zorro game genre in some degrees, the whole concept of swashbuckling adventure was kind of tangential to either board.

Yes, it's a bit of convoluted definition on LAF, but I include it here as a basis for starting a rational discussion of the idea of a Swashbuckling board on TMP:
The Swashbuckling Adventures board is primarily for posts concerning figures, games, terrain, accessories, rules, books, or other matters, which fit what most people would recognise as the swashbuckling genre of movies and literature.

This ranges from Robin Hood, through The Three Musketeers, the Spanish Main, The Last of the Mohicans and some way beyond including Zorro, a verifiable early C19th swashbuckler (although he also appears in Old West from time to time!)

There are many hundreds of literary and filmic subjects and settings that could qualify as swashbuckling basically anything involving derring-do, swordplay and flouncy outfits.

The golden age of swashbuckling broadly equates to the era from the late C16th to late C18th. So floppy hats or tricorns, old world or new world, epees or rapiers almost anything goes. The genre is broadly contemporary with, amongst others, periods such as Elizabethan/Jacobean, Thirty Years War, English Civil Wars, Marlburian, Jacobite Rebellions, Seven Years War, French & Indian War, and the American and French Revolutionary Wars (remember The Scarlet Pimpernel!)

If you're posting about things relating to these periods, you can post to Swashbuckling Adventures or Other Adventures as you prefer.

Threads concerning major established periods falling either side of this time frame viz. Medieval before, Napoleonic after, should be posted to the Other Adventures board.

Of course, specific literary or cinematic-inspired swashbuckling characters could well come from these periods, or others (Robin Hood and Zorro are good examples). In such cases, Swashbuckling Adventures welcomes them!

Generally speaking though, threads concerning subjects pre-1550/post-1800 should be posted to Other Adventures or to the relevant board if one exists.
Now count to 100 (while I start running) then you can throw your brickbats...


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