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POLL: Proposal: Theme Weeks at TMP

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unknown member writes:

I can live with or without it. Themes are not really that important I think when you have so many boards.

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unknown member observes...

Well-known gaming mags have theme issues, where the bulk of articles and materials focus on a single period in military history.

Why not have theme days at TMP, to freshen things up, and dedicated in the same way? Encourage folks, in some non-coercive and fun manner, to submit their favorite material on a given gaming topic.

For example, today could be 'Cossack Day'. Participants link to their favorite and most useful websites on Cossacks - uniforms, or Cossack history, or AARs where Cossacks were impactful in the game. Or just have links to their own painted Cossacks, or figure reviews of Cossacks, or anecdotes involving Cossacks at the Berezina or somewhere, or links to art featuring Cossacks, etc., etc. Maybe vendors give a token discount that week on topic items 5% or something...

Another day could be 'Pirate Day' or 'Waterloo Day' or 'Cromwell Day' or 'T-34 Day' or anything miniature-gaming-related. No force, perfectly optional...

Just an idea that occurred to me at the zenith of today's coffee consumption...