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POLL: MacArthur on WWII Pacific Strategy

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Rallynow Supporting Member of TMP writes:

+2 for Scott. I have been making the same point for years.

Iwo was needed as an airbase for fighter escorts and an emergency landing field for the B-29s. Okinawa was needed as a staging base for the invasion of Japan and the redeployment of the 8th Air Force from Europe.

Bockscar after bombing Nagasaki did not have enough fuel to reach Tinian or Iwo Jima and had to land at Okinawa as did many B-29s.

Interesting to note that while Admiral King and Hap Arnold opposed Operation Downfall. King argued that an invasion was unnecessary because of the great number of casualties both American and Japanese. He argued for a blockade and bombard strategy.

But in this case Mac wasn't interested in bypassing the ultimate strong point and opposed anything that would stall direct frontal assaults on the Japanese home islands. Because he would get all the glory.

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As he recalled in his book Reminiscences, MacArthur was opposed to the invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa:
I argued against the naval concept of frontal assault against the strongly held island positions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. In my argument, I stressed that our losses would be far too heavy to justify the benefits to be gained by seizing these outposts. They were not essential to the enemy's defeat, and by cutting them off from supplies, they could be easily reduced and their effectiveness completely neutralized with negligible loss to ourselves. They were not in themselves possessed of sufficient resources to act as main bases in our advance.
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